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I am living in the middle of a wonderful, small town. My passion is gardening. I dream of living on a small farm, just outside of town, and selling vegetables and eggs to those that drive by. This blog is to document the slow process of learning while reaching and wandering towards my goal.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tea Herbs


 I have been outside this morning working in the dirt.  I potted a few hanging baskets.  (By the way the selection of plants at Callaway Fields in Auxvasse, MO is amazing.  Thanks to the rain this spring people are holding off on planting and they still have a lot of plants in their greenhouses.) My main objective this morning was to collect plants that I could dig up and put in the plant sale that the Fulton Garden Club is having this Saturday in the parking lot where Royal Automotive used to be from 8 to 12.

Now to the point -- Invasive or self seeding plants are not evil.  You just have to plant them in the right place.  I planted apple mint, chocolate mint and pineapple mint last year in my tea garden.  It looks beautiful already this year and is growing up to a foot outside of the bed into the yard.  I am happy that it is spreading.  I dug up some for the plant sale and it will smell will be wonderful when we mow the yard!  I planted it on the garage side of the house about 5 feet from the property line.  It can't go into my garden because of a wall and the neighbors won't even know what it is when it takes over their yard! 

I love waking up in the morning, walking outside, picking mint and coming inside to make a cup of tea with it.
 "They" say that mint helps with indigestion, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, gas, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and colic in children.   Let bruised mint leaves sit in water for an hour or so, chill the water and then you can use it for a face washRubbing mint oil on your skin or making a compress of bruised leaves is said to help with arthritis and joint pain.   Can't hurt to try.  At least you will smell good.

If you would like some mint for your yard, you can come dig it up out of my yard, or the neighbors, anytime you would like.