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I am living in the middle of a wonderful, small town. My passion is gardening. I dream of living on a small farm, just outside of town, and selling vegetables and eggs to those that drive by. This blog is to document the slow process of learning while reaching and wandering towards my goal.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beginning

My love of gardening came from my grandmother, Dorsey Bogard.  I must have been 4 or 5 years old when we watched from the window of the upstairs porch at the lake house while a tulip opened.  I'm amazed that she knew when it would open and that she got me to sit still for what must have been the better part of a day while it happened.  It is a memory I will never forget.

My grandmother lost her ability to do her own gardening at a very early age due to Osteoporosis.  I was about six years old when she was forced to quit driving.  She lost the ability to walk a few years later. I was lucky enough to always live very close to her and spent almost every day with her after school.  She would sit in her wheelchair and instruct me as I planted her plants.  "Dig the hole a little deeper.  Pat the dirt down all around." 

My farm animal fascination comes from my grandfather on the other side of the family, Robert Baker.  I spent the third weekend of every month and two weeks in the summer with my dad's parents on their farm.  Grandpa was a quiet man but we had great times together.  He taught me how to drive by the age of 8.  I always know which way is North thanks to him.  My basic knowledge of constellations he taught me one Friday night after we got home from driving into Butler for dinner.  We would spend entire days driving around the farm counting cows and fixing fence.  Those were the days.

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  1. Can't wait to read about all of your adventures. We are planting our first family garden this year, so I am sure I will learn tons from you!

    Welcome to blogging!